Reviving HeatOnline aka ProjectTorque aka LevelR

In 2014 the HeatOnline game services all shut down. The game had a dedicated set of fans who were left disappointed as their favorite online racing game was now not playable.
Since being shut down, many fans have requested for the game to be relauched, even going as far as setting up a KickStarter to pay for the rights to the game. Sadly this did not result in anything.
We now have a chance to bring back the game.

We are actively working with Invictus, we hope to relaunch the game this year and even improve it on modern hardware and add new maps, cars, car mods and more.
We need your help though!

Join our Discord and share this page with every Project Torque, LevelR and HeatOnline fan you know!

The more fans we have of the game the more likely we will be able to relaunch.
More information to come out soon. So stick around!